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Pregnancy and the Salon

Most of the pregnant women nowadays are very worried on going for a manicure and pedicure at the salon because of the levels of exposure to salon products. However, it has been scientifically proven that they can safely wear any type of artificial coating nails including those that extend the …

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Nail Biting

People bite their nails for many different reasons, including anxiety, boredom, stress or as a compulsive behaviour. Also known as chronic onychophagia, nail-biting is an extremely difficult habit to break, especially if you do not even realize it when you bite your nails. Unfortunately, this nasty habit can also put …

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A quick guide on paraffin manicure and pedicure

A paraffin manicure and pedicure is a treatment for the hands and feet that combine nail polishing with skin softening and moisturizing. In Nail Palette @ The CentrePoint, we will do the paraffin treatment usually after lotion, before nails are polished. The warm paraffin wax is put inside a transparent …

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8 best food for healthy nails

In our last article, we wrote on what to eat for pretty nails (you can check on our blog: http://nailpalette.sg/what-to-eat-for-pretty-nails/ ). The new article will give you a sort of recap of the last article besides giving you more information about well-balanced diet which could affect your nails. #1:  Green …

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