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A quick guide on paraffin manicure and pedicure

A paraffin manicure and pedicure is a treatment for the hands and feet that combine nail polishing with skin softening and moisturizing. In Nail Palette @ The CentrePoint, we will do the paraffin treatment usually after lotion, before nails are polished. The warm paraffin wax is put inside a transparent …

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8 best food for healthy nails

In our last article, we wrote on what to eat for pretty nails (you can check on our blog: ). The new article will give you a sort of recap of the last article besides giving you more information about well-balanced diet which could affect your nails. #1:  Green …

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Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish! In September, we wrote about UV and LED Nail Lamps and how it has been scientifically proven that it actually does not have any negative impacts on the skin. Now, we want to introduce our Gelish nail polish we use in our nail salon, Nail Palette @ …

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Classic manicure and pedicure :)

We offer professional Manicure services for only S$28, whereas pedicure solely is S$38, but if you do both together you can save S$5, for only S$65! Classic manicure as it is done @ Nail Palette The Centrepoint: Any existing nail polish will be removed We will cut the nails shape …

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Nail Anatomy and Tips for healthy nails!

  Several tips to keep every part of your nails healthy and strong! 1. Do not overuse hand sanitisers – it can result in nail weakness and dryness as it contains alcohol and water 2. Do not cut your cuticles – Dr. Dana Stern, an expert in dermatologist and nail …

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UV and LED nail lamps

Do you know that UV Nail lamps are safe to be used? Most of the regular nail salons goers would feel quite worried because of the UV Nail Lamps which has been extensively used in most of the nail salons as some of them might feel that it could bring …

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What your nails say about your personality? =)

The vertically long nail You are probably a real romantic person! You are gifted with a unique and wonderful imagination as well as an even-tempered personality. You can be a perfectionist and easily overwhelmed. You are very alert and could see the little things that few notice. You also have …

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Nail Palette’s Best Product 2 !

BEST SELLING PRODUCTS IN NAIL PALETTE @ THE CENTREPOINT! – Footlogix In our last article, Nail Palette @ The CentrePoint has introduced you to one of our best-selling products for calluses treatment. This week we will introduce you to another best-selling product in our Nail salon which is Footlogix! An …

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Best-selling services! =)

Best-selling services in Nail palette – Classic Manicure and Pedicure! We are very proud to inform you guys that we have classic manicure and pedicure as our best-selling services! =) Equipped with our professional manicurist, quality tools and products, Nail Palette have our most loved package for the regular nail …

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